The most frequently asked questions answered for you

What about the machine maintenance and care of my panel?

Do not worry – our operator company is responsible for the maintenance and care. For you as a stake holder there are no costs or commitments for maintainance and cleaning. For all locations there are actual partner contracts with electricity, security and cleaning companies.

What about product guarantee and insurance?

The panels have a guarantee betweeen ten and twelve years. They generate up to 80 percent of their performance, which is also provided after 25 years. In all countries, you are protected by an all risk insurance (lightning stroke, hail, thievery, interruption…), which is completed and paid by us.

Are there any expenses for me in case that my panel does work no longer?

No, of course we provide a new panel free of charge which replaces the damaged panel.

What about the tax treatment for a sale-lease-back contract?

For principle, the local law of taxation in the respective country, where your incoming payment takes place, you are responsible for yourself and the compliance of the law of taxation. For empolyees in Austria there is an annual amount of exemption of 730 Euro per year out of renting and lease. As soon as this annual amount of exemption is utilised, the earnings have to be taxed by you.

What means „sale and lease-back“?

This is a special kind of leasing contract, which is an interesting alternative way.
„Sale“ means that we sell panels to you and „lease“ means that we rent your panel/s during the duration of the running time of our contract. After the contract period we repurchase the panel at prearranged contract conditions.

Since when is the rate of rental return valid?

The payment of the earnings of your rental is regularly on your stated bank account. The precondition is that we received your incoming payment before.

Is it possible that I transfer my panel to another person?

When we agree to this, it is possible. Every particular case is checked seperately. After the duration of the contract, the panel is repurchased by us independent of the owner.

Is there a retraction guarantee?

After the contract period, you get your leased panel or your money back. If the cancellation is ealier than the term of 6 years, there is a lump-sum operating cost of 120 Euro per panel within Austria.

When is the distribution of the profits out of my hire contract and how does it work?

The outpayment is once per year, we tranfer the money into your indicated bank account off the first month. The earnings might also be used for internal purchases.

What happens to my incoming payment?

By using your incoming payment, photovoltaic panels are bought. Each panel has an individual serial number and is installed at the selected solar power station.

Who is able to buy a panel?

All private persons of full age are able to buy panels of solar power stations.

How many panels can I buy?

Now the purchase is limited up to 80 pieces per solar power station and per person.

Is there an internal online area for me?

Yes, you receive a secured online permission and personal login data at our website www.mc-capital.eu . All purchases, data and earnings are documented and visible.

How can I buy a panel?

Skip to shop and choose a construction. After that, choose your way of payment: PayPal, immediate bank transfer or prepayment. You can also use our form to request and send it to us by post or fax (fax number: +43 316-46827416). Call us at +43-316-4682-416.


Can I buy panels later?

Yes, you can buy panels of your actual project later in the internal area – via PayPal, immediate bank transfer or prepayment.

How does the assignation of the panels work?

The order of the assignation is dependent on the reserved and paid applications. Online purchases are the most safe way to buy a panel, since this is allocated immediately.

Is there a reservation list?

After the purchase, your panel is reserved 7 days. Within this period, you can buy your panel in the internal area. In case that the request is larger than the offer, there is an entry on the reservation list. As soon as we have an equal  solar power station, we distribute your reserved panel there.

When does the obligatory contract start?

The acceptance of the offer occurs after the payment of the order’s amount. After receipt of the payment amount the panel becomes your property. You receive a confirmation via e-mail, the contract conditions are attached.

What happens if the operator company is insolvent?

There is no guarantee for such profitable rates of return, neither a bank nor a company could provide this. It is a fact that the operator company can refer to longterm guaranteed supply agreements with the state. The recoverability of the constructions and the interest to run this solar power stations undisturbed are existing. The goal is to achieve revenue out of electricity every month. In addition you have a reservation of proprietary rights for your panel.

Is there a right of withdrawal?

To result from your incoming payment you have a right of cancellation during the first 14 days. The cancellation hast o be in a written document, sent by post or mailt to our adress.