No Blackout through Solar Eclipse after all ;)

As everyone surely noted there was a partial solar eclipse today, on the 20th of march 2015 between 9 AM and 12 AM.

This event raised anxiety in the past weeks because some people thought it would lead to a total break down of electricity networks (especially in GER). Now the eclipse has past and we can all be relieved (nothing else was expected).

Our plants also had a small curve downwards today but they were miles away from a total blackout. 😉

And again we can all observe the influence media has on us and our way of thinking. We can assure you that a solar eclipse is no reason to worry. Such events don’t happen spontaneously. They can be calculated and prepared for.
Finally you can see a graphic display of the performance of our facility in Gleinstätten below.. No blackouts or disturbances!





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