For a meaningful estimation, a creative concept and fundamental know how are important. MC Capital offer you as an investor the chance to participate in photovoltaic cells in Austria, Greek and Slovenia. The group of companies runs these ecological constructions and sets trends for the future. The increasing need of electricity is used as an attractive investment opportunity. More than 550 clients within 4 years are are evidence of this working concept.

Longterm benefits for you

Energy as a chance to invest

You leave a green footprint and you assure with your investment held an electricity benefit, lifelong.

Cancelable without notice

We are convinced about the quality of our investment products. Therefore we guarantee for a flexible right to cancel –  the more flexible way.

Annual outpayment of yield

More attractive than other ways of investment – you benefit from an annual distribution of profit and a remunerative portfolio.

governmental contract to supply

for 13 or 20 years
Within the governmental contract to supply the import of output is reglemented in a equitable way with various duration and the opportunity to choose.

free from gains tax

Experience the profit of the advantage that there is no gains tax to pay.

additional conditions

There is a reservation of proprietary rights of the panel. The maximum number of cells per person is 30 cells.

clients in 4 years
kWh of the annual power production
barrel of savings of carbon dioxide
MWp of constructions within Europe

strong partners

We are proud to be member of the PV Austria (Photovoltaic Austria Federal Association) and „Klimabündnis“ – the clime alliance.  Our behaviour is ecologically meaningful, we focus on sustainability.